""I caught a glimpse of heaven once. The Angels showed me. The idea was I'd kill for them. Clean up their mistakes on Earth. Eventually redeem myself. Tried it. Didn't like it. Told them where to stick it. So they brought me up to heaven, to see what I'd be missing. A wife. A son. A daughter. I hadn't seen them since they bled out in my arms. Then I was cast down. Back to a world of killers. Rapists. Psychos. Perverts. A brand new evil every minute, spewed out as fast as men can think them up. A world where pitching a criminal dwarf off a skyscraper to tell his fellow scum you're back is a sane and rational act. The angels thought it would be hell for me. But they were wrong."" ― Frank Castle[[source]]

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Frank Castle is a street-level Marvel antihero. He was born Francis Castiglione, but changed his name to Frank Castle to illegally serve a 3rd Tour in Vietnam. While on leave Frank took his wife and two kids to central park for a picnic. While there, they became witness to a gang killing and his family was killed for fear of them reporting them to the police. Due to a stroke of "luck" frank survived the attack, but was mentally and emotionally scarred. Wracked with guilt Frank decided to solve his problem the only way he knew how, violence. He took to the streets, murdering any unjust criminal he came across. He treads the line between hero and murderer, killing those he deems evil in cold blood.

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  • Marksmanship
  • Martial arts skill
  • Rage
  • Pain Tolerance
  • Tactical knowledge


  • Mentally Unstable (Note: not psychotic or even sociopathic)

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