"Godzilla.  Truly a god incarnate."

-Kayoco Anne Patterson

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The main character of the Godzilla franchise. Composite Godzilla takes feats from every part of the franchise, most notably movies and comics. Godzilla is at the low end of Cosmic Tier.

Since a composite has feats against multiple different incarnations of the same monster, each monster will be labeled

  • Showa- The Showa series, from 1955-1975
  • Heisei- Heisei series, 1984-1995
  • Manga- The Godzilla mangas
  • Mega- The movie Godzilla vs Megaguirus
  • GMK- The movie Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
  • SOS- The continuity of Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.
  • FW- The movie Godzilla: Final Wars
  • RoE- The continuity of the comics Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, Godzilla (2012), and Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.
  • Hell- The comic Godzilla In Hell
  • HCW- The comic Godzilla: The Half-Century War
  • Cat- The comic Godzilla: Cataclysm

Not all versions of Godzilla's Rogues Gallery are at the same level of power. For example, HCW Spacegodzilla has much less feats then Heisei Spacegodzilla.

Godzilla Edit

Destructive Power Feats: Edit

Atomic Breath created a mushroom cloud and shook buildings across a city, [1] and leveled Washington, D.C., in one shot. [2] One shot Spacegodzilla (HCW).[3] Destroyed Earth in a beam clash with Spacegodzilla (Hell).[4]

Destroyed Gorath, [5] a small planet larger than the Moon. [6]

  • Red Spiral Ray:
    • Destroys Mechagodzilla II [7](Who's armor is immune to his normal Atomic Breath) and Spacegodzilla (Heisei) [8](who has equal durability to Godzilla) in a couple shots
    • One shots Destroyah (Cat)[9]
    • Brings Magita [10] to it's knees in one shot, then uses a Red Nuclear Pulse to blow it apart [11]
  • Nuclear Pulse:
    • Destroys Orga by overwhelming his regeneration.[12]
    • Creates a large crater.[13]
    • Overwelms Mothras scales,[14] which can reflect his Atomic Breath.[15]
    • Overwelms the shields of four Mechagodzillas (RoE), one of which can block his atomic breath.[16]
    • Sends the 90,000 ton King Ghidorah (Heisei) flying.[17]

Speed Feats: Edit

Routinely reacts to Rodan (RoE),[18] who is supersonic.

Tags fighter jets.[19][20]

Tagged Megaguirus,[21] who is also supersonic. [22]

Tags the Human Torch [23]

Strength Feats: Edit

Regualrly manhandles kaiju weighing tens of thousands of tons. [24][25]

Threw Kumonga (FW), a 30,000 ton spider, over the horizon.[26]

Uprooted the 200,000 ton Biolante (Manga).[27]

Leveled Mount Olympus by slamming into it.[28]

Matched the strength of classic Marvel Thor.[29]  

Slams Battra into the ocean floor,[30] causing a large volcanic eruption [31] along the Phillippine Plate.[32]

Durability Feats: Edit

Gets up from being thrown across Tokyo. [33]

Scientists studying Godzilla call his bones denser than titanium.[34] 

Tanks getting hit in the eye by the Human Torch and takes a hit from Classic Thor.[35]  

Takes multiple Massive Ordnance Penetrators,[36] which can punch through 200 feet of concrete

Has tanked multiple nukes,[37][38][39] including 150 at once.[40]

Withstood a barrage from Showa Mechagodzila, [41] who can cut small mountains in half. [42]

Tanked his own Atomic Breath reflected back at him [43] and multiplied.[44]

Survived Dimension Tide (HCW),[45] and artificial black hole gun which one shot Gigan and King Ghidorah.[46]

Survived the Permian Extinction Impact,[47] which wiped out 90% of life on Earth

No sold [48] the point blank explosion of Gorath. [49]

Withstood attacks from Spacegodzilla (Manga), who had destroyed several planets.

Spacegodzilla's (Heisei) crystals (which should be at least Supernova level in their own durability) shatter against his flesh.[50]

His cells survived a trip through a black hole and multiple supernovas. [51]

Stamina Feats: Edit

Wanders through the center of the Earth with no light, water, radioactive sustenance, or even oxygen at times. It takes years of this to make him drop from exhaustion.[52]

Range Feats: Edit

Atomic Breath reaches cloud level[53]

Can hit targets in space. [54]

Intellligence Feats: Edit

"Talks" with Showa Anguirus.

Destroys Spacegodzilla's (Heisei) power source with MOGUERA.

Bypasses Orga's regeneration by destroying him from the inside.[55]

Takes advantage of his environment and [56][57][58] uses stealth.[59][60]

When against multiple enemies, he has used their own attacks against them.[61][62]

Smart enough to team up with other monsters and mechs, [63] even his hated enemies. [64][65]

Powers, Abilities, and Gear: Edit

  • Oxygen independence- Godzilla can survive for years at a time under the sea. While this is sometimes portrayed as him having gills, he can also survive in hostile environments like other planets, outer space, and submerged in lava.
  • Regeneration- Godzilla can quickly heal from injuries he receives due to his Regenerator G1 cells
  • Psychic Resistance- Godzilla has displayed resistance to telepathic attacks on multiple occasions
  • Radar Sense- As of Shin Godzilla, Godzilla can detect nearby threats even if he can't see them
  • Energy Absorption- Godzilla can absorb energy to heal himself, power up, and even gain new abilities. This most often happens with nuclear power, such as from power plants or submarines, but he's also absorbed natural lightning, GMK Ghidorah's mystical gravity beams, and the life force of his monster allies.
  • Magnetism- After being struck by lightning multiple times, Godzilla developed his own magnetic field to use against Mechagodzilla. This appears to be temporary, as he didn't use it the second time he fought Mechagodzilla.
  • Atomic Breath- Godzilla's main ability, a powerful blast of flame-like radiation. Can be focused for more piercing/cutting power.[66]
  • Nuclear Pulse- A short range, omnidirectional blast of radiation from Godzillas body.
  • Photon Beams- A form of focused Atomic Breath that Godzilla can fire from his spines [67] or the end of his tail.[68]
  • Electromagnetic Shield- Godzilla's spines generate an electromagnetic shield around his body which blocks damage

Weaknesses: Edit

Godzilla is much slower than other Cosmics and even high Planetaries. Combined with his size, this makes him an easy target. Artificial sources of electricity, such as power lines or Mechagodzilla's weapons, can hurt him. He's most weak to things that drain his nuclear energy, such as Cadmium or Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria (ANEB). Hitting his gills can cause him great pain.

Other Feats: Edit

Immune to the telepathy of Mallory and Minette,[69][70] who can control two kaiju at once, mind rape a small army of soldiers,[71] and blow a kaiju's head off.[72][73]

Massive Ordnance Penetrators cause massive bleeding,[74] but all damage is healed in seconds.[75]

Orga got his regeneration from Godzilla's cells. It can regenerate destroyed sections of its body very quickly.[76]

Heals from a wound before smoke clears. Scientists studying him say he can regenerate in microseconds, almost instantly.[77]

Even when weakened after years without sustenance, Godzilla can still heal wounds.[78]

Absorbing radiation revives Godzilla from near death.[79]

Regains power and heals by absorbing a nuclear reactor.[80]

Gains Atomic Breath from being nuked.[81]

Godzilla is revived with a nuclear power plant explosion.[82][83]

Accurate enough to target individual missiles and drones.[84][85]

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